23 – 27 Dec 2019 Trading week preparation

FX Mean Reversion table

Futures Mean Reversion table

PSI20 Mean Reversion table

More content:
– Market Gauge report
– CoT
– Crypto
– Momentum
– Moving Averages Progression Tables


What I am looking at:
It´s a holiday week so my trading will be restricted and almost risk exposed free

Between us, It´s extended. A pullback is due despite I am being a bull or a bear.
If you pair the SPX charts with a distribution Wyckoff chart you will see some similarities, we are at UTAD phase.

So I am looking to long EURGBP. It looks like it wants the break the downside channel. Williams Alligator It´s almost biting. And It bounced on a nice support.
Now that all the brexit shenanigans are done, I am looking for the pound to retrace some of the crazy gains.

I can’t say this enough enough times. Buy gold, physical, ETFs,Gold Miners Stocks you name it. Gold looks bullish across all charts Technicals and Macro.
I am long $GOLD with full size and looking into some other miners and gold futures.

Energy / Oil
A huge squeeze of this sector is about to happen. The market is rotating nicely to value and XLE is preparing to shine.
WTI looks like to want to play catch up with SPX

USD – Durable Goods
USD- Home sales

USD – Richmond Manufacturing Index


USD – Job claims
JPY – Unemployment rate

CHF – Credit Suisse Economic Expectations

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