30 Dec 2019 – 03 Jan 2020 Trading week preparation

The content is now separated between markets/folders I track. It´s easier for me and I hope it´s easier clear for you too.

What I am looking at:
It´s a holiday week so my trading will be restricted and almost risk exposed free.
This time I will try share a few ideias I am monitoring for 2020.

Repeating last week warning:
I can’t say this enough enough times. Buy gold, physical, ETFs,Gold Miners Stocks you name it. Gold looks bullish across all charts Technicals and Macro.
I am long $GOLD with full size and looking into some other miners and gold futures.

DXY looks ready to die, eyeing low 90s.
A new argument making the mix shows EM countries are prefering to emit debt in EUR then USD. This is a big shift. See files (https://www.dropbox.com/transfer/AAAAAId-LpqI9xjwJ5V_-yg507q94nZSxvOC9hrYjQCNj1XJrMhIYk4).
This for the all year of 2020 can be very bullish to EUR and commodities.
Commodities being what I am focusing the most.
Playing commodities via Futures or CFDs can be expensive so I am using ETFs such us $MOO, $WOOD, $GLD, $COPX and $JJG.

Energy / Oil
A huge squeeze of this sector is about to happen. The market is rotating nicely to value and XLE is preparing to shine.
WTI looks like to want to play catch up with SPX.
I am placing a few bets on some coal stocks too, they look beatdown. At some point some relief is due to happen because the cash balance and assets on those companies are pretty good.

I already said this a few times. The market looks toppy to me but as a trader you have to be able to shift and change you opinion based on what you see/get.
So I am not saying I am a bull/bear. Some stocks look toppy but there are a few sectors that look prime to shine, I believe shipping is one of them. IMO2020 is going to kick in, and historically when chaos enters the shipping markets, It rallies hard. For this, check the BALTIC Dry index for more clues https://stockcharts.com/acp/?s=%24BDI

Some small bets across the market I am looking: $WISA, $EROS, $ACB, $PLUG, $IDEX

CHF – KOF Economic Barometer
USD – Chicago PMI

USD – CB Consumer confidence
CNY – Manufacturing PMI
CNY – Non Manufacturing PMI


CNY – Caixin Manufacturing PMI
EUR – Manufacturing PMI
CAD – Manufacturing PMI
USD – Manufacturing PMI
GBP – Manufacturing PMI
USD – Jobs

CHF – Manufacturing PMI

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