27 – 31 Jan 2020 Trading week preparation

The content is now separated between markets/folders I track. It´s easier for me and I hope it´s easier clear for you too.

What I am looking at:
This week is going to be insane. A lot of news and new data, and important earnings results. It will be a nail biting week.

Repeating last few weeks warning:
Buy it, long term perspective, start accumulating.
(no charts needed as I have been posting a lot of those )

Started correcting. This week will be packed. AAPL,MSFT,AMZN,TSLA earnings.
Chicago PMI, Advance GDP, Fed funds. It’s insane. It will be a crazy ride.
More than half of the Index stocks are already below their 50DMA.

WTI/SPX ratio is pricing oil at $75.
Things look crazy and the coronavirus news was a black swan on the Market.
Despite all of this, Oil still have to play catch up to SPX

SPX and VIX correlations tend to close, and when it happens the SPX drops hard.
VSTOXX/VIX spread already crossed zero on last Friday´s drop.

European Indexes
All European indexes are far away from their YTD mean reversion.
If the sell off starts to gain track, this are good levels to start watching

This cookie is going for a ride this week.
Fed rates looking to be unchanged with a hawkish tone.
And BOE looking dovish.
This pair without doubt is going for a ride.

EUR – German IFO
CNY – CB Leading Index
Earnings: BYND, AK, CAT

USD – Durable goods / CB Leading Index / Richmond Man. Index
Earnings: NFLX,IBM

JPY – Consumer Confidence
EUR – German Gfk climate sentiment
USD – Fed fund rates

CHF – KOF economic barometer
EUR – Unemployment rate
GBP – Rates
USD – Advance GDP / Jobs claims
JPY – Tokio CPI / Unemployment rate / Prelim. Industrial production / Retail sales

GBP – Gfk consumer confidence
CNY – Man. PMI / Non Man. PMI
EUR – Flash GDP / Flash CPI
USD – Chicago PMI

2 thoughts on “27 – 31 Jan 2020 Trading week preparation”

    1. Though question. A lot of big players entering the same market. I don´t understand the business of selling fake meat. I just watch the stock as a gauge for risk appetite.
      When the sentiment is super bullish, stocks like TSLA and BYND tend to do well.
      Traders and investors should look to it as an indicator that the market is hungry for more points and ride the wave.
      Personally I am not playing BYND earnings but I am watching it closely.
      If and big If, they fail the earnings estimates and with the current market sentiment being this bad. It can be bad, really bad a lot of portfolios will take a huge hit.

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