07 – 11 December 2020 Trading week preparation

Every week I share a bunch of stuff.
– Daily signals for MA Crosses and MA breakouts
– Market Reports
– Consolidated market data and more.

From last week:
Trading wise everything remains the same.
I am long the same positions:
$AG: doing fine
$SWBI and $RGR: Are okish, didn’t move much since I went long
$GOLD: Doing fine too, It was a strong week.
$GDXJ.MI: Being quoted on EUR is messing up the PnL a little, but It´s still good.

Started working on a new z-score algorithm, and will probably share a new report soon.
The idea is to have a dashboard with all major us indices stocks, and also calculate average z-scores historically.

Next Week:
I am planning just to watch and maintain the positions. I will focus mainly on development.
In Portugal, we have a holiday on Tuesday, I will take Monday and Tuesday to rest and probably play some PC games.
I will also keep this week´s post short and concise.

It was a very strong week for WTI, the priced push nicely above some important lines.
Last Friday’s close was above the year-to-date mean reversion which means we are in bullish momentum.
The only bad thing to have in consideration, technically, is the candle close. It´s a bearish candle.

Oanda WTI CFD daily

I am still bearish on WTI, the demand keeps on shrinking and last week´s OPEC meeting wasn´t insightful at all.

Gold had a strong week, probably potentially propped by the Dollar weakness.
Technically the setup looks nice, It´s still inside the pattern (pink lines). The next area of consideration is the orange box, if Gold manage to break above it, I will buy more on the retest.
The last candle, It´s a mixed signal candle, some indecision exists on the market.
Another consideration, the last time Gold broke the 200DMA, it quickly bounced back and had a huge rally.

Oanda Gold CFD daily
Market Gauge Gold dashboard

It´s almost pointless to do any kind of analysis on the SP500, It just goes up and up.
Technically the chart looks horrible, and an eminent crash looks very probable.
It´s on the top of the purple trend line, and It´s printing a rising wedge, inside a megaphone formation.
A revisit to the 3200 target looks possible, but who knows. This bull has a lot of strength.

Oanda SP500 CFD daily
Market Gauge SP500 dashboard

Oh boy, this puppy looks ready to die.
As it broke the 92 floor, the next solid one is at 90.
Technically, the dollar looks super weak.

DXY daily chart

The dollar to Stocks ratio just gave up on life.

DXY / P500 Futures

Other Notes
The FX market is going insane with these dollar movements and Brexit

Market Gauge FX dashboard

Extreme greed


Insiders keep on selling


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