8 – 12 February 2021 Trading week preparation

Every week I share a bunch of stuff.
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– Market Reports
– Consolidated market data and more.

From last week:
Markets keep on proving that they are a patience game.
As Warren Buffet says, “It´s a transfer of money from the impatient to the patient”.
For the last few months, the markets keep on going parabolic. Stocks and crypto are having huge returns and everyone is making money.

I am afraid this will keep on going for a few more months, even if we correct 15% -20%. The bull won´t die.

It´s very important to journal the experience in these market conditions, the stress peaks, the euphoria, and the mood swings are constant and will for sure influence our mind when making trading decisions.

Always remember, there are more tides than sailors, and weak hands are green hands.

Current trades:
– $BABA, huge earnings, and zero impact on the stock price. I Will probably add a few more shares
– $AAPL, same thing as $BABA. I Will probably add more shares.
– $AG, sold the bag for ~120% returns. (Thanks WSB?). I still believe in the company, I will look into buying again at ~$10.
– $EXXY.MI doing great, more about commodities below.
– $RPLA.W, this is news-driven trade. It´s an exercise of patience.
– $CSPX.AS, doing great too.
– $DIS, doing great, with earnings this week, more below.
– $SXLK, I have to admit I was expecting this trade to be doing a little better, currently + 4%
– GOLD CFD, against my own bias, and last week’s post I longed GOLD CFD.
And of course, it went to shit. I even violated my own trading rules. It was a very dumb trade, lost about ~1%.
-$GDXJ.MI, doing fine.
-$GOLD (Barrick Gold), added more shares.
-$BTCDOWN 0.1657 -0.1920 for ~+16%

It was a nice week, the only regret was the GOLD CFD long, not because of the loss, but because I traded against myself and violated my trading rules.

Next Week:

Earnings Whispers

More earnings:
-$DIS, I am expecting very strong number on Disney´s streaming services. And I am long based on that.
-$COTY, I was going to play COTY, but it already broke out ahead of earnings. Let´s see if it retests the breakout before earnings. Apart from the bullish setup, I believe COTY business is ballooning with all the new Instagram, tik tok, and influencers buying plastic faces during the quarantine.

COTY daily

-$TWTR, I won’t play Twitter´s earnings but I will watch the aftermath. If Twitter repeats last earnings, This can be a good opportunity for a swing trade.

Twiiter daily

Again, trading It´s an exercise of patience. You should rather miss the train than hurt yourself by trying to catch it.

I am also exploring other markets. US stocks are very expensive, and there are a few gems outside the US for long term plays / quick swings.

This week my eyes are on Endesa and Iberdrola. These two Spanish energy companies are responsible for ~40% of all electricity sold in Spain.
Both companies look bullish, and with massive quarantines in effect in Europe plus the cold from the last few months, should provide strong earnings opportunities.

Iberdrola daily
Endesa daily

I am also looking into $NVG, The Navigator Group, a Portuguese company and one of the biggest paper paste producers in Europe. The setup, if It breaks out can be very bullish.

The Navigator Group daily

Last week I wrote about the range trade, and $WTI just went parabolic.
This price action opens the path to $60. I am on the sidelines.


Despite my dumb trade last week, the gold prices are holding and the dollar retreated heavily.
I am still very bullish on gold, I feel It´s not yet the time for a major green candle, but my objective is to have all the positions and wait for it, patiently.
The close above the 250DMA was very important, proved that the price is supported to stay above $1800.

Oanda Gold CFD daily

On the weekly, Gold held aboce the cloud like a champ.

Oanda Gold CFD Weekly
market gauge gold dashboard

The road to 4000 is taking shape. There’s, not much to say. As long as the Fed keeps on supporting the markets, the only way It´s up.

Oanda SP500 CFD daily
market gauge sp500 dashboard


CRB index broke out last week, we are officially in a new commodities bull market. The train is leaving and the dollar is helping a lot.

CRB Index

The Stocks / Commodities ratio also broke out and the upside seems astonishing.

Stocks to Commodities ratio

Other Notes

market gauge sentiment dashboard
market gauge gold futures
Dow / Gold ratio

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Special notes on:
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– USD Jolts jobs / CPI / Powell speaks
– JPY Economic watchers

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