15 – 19 February 2021 Trading week preparation

Every week I share a bunch of stuff.
– Daily signals for MA Crosses and MA breakouts
– Market Reports
– Consolidated market data and more.

From last week:
SP500 went sideways all week and resolved to finish strong last Friday.
Earnings are on a tear, all the big companies reporting are showing a good quarter.

Trump got acquitted. I really don´t know what impacts this will have.

Remember that markets can stay irrational longer than we can stay solvent.
I actively trade a small portion of my portfolio.
I contribute to my long term portfolio in all market conditions. Bull or bear markets don’t matter for the long term. If the market corrects sometimes I also add more than programed.

Current trades:
– $BABA, showed some strength this week.
– $AAPL, It´s sleeping. Technically is still on an uptrend, If dips I will ad more.
– $EXXY.MI, doing great, the recent dollar bump helps it to correct a little.
– $RPLA.W, this is news-driven trade. It´s an exercise of patience.
– $CSPX.AS, It´s fine, Its and sp500 tracker.
– $DIS, awesome streaming numbers as I supposed, earnings were a success. Still holding.
– $SXLK, meh, It´s going.
-$GDXJ.MI, doing crappy as it is gold.
-$GOLD (Barrick Gold), surprisingly Its holding better than expected.
-$LVO.MI, had a 1/4 size position on LVO, despite the VIX close last Friday I am expecting some volatility ahead.

Just to clarity, the ideas I share are not 100% trades I will make. They are ideas, in order to materialize a certain amount of things must happen and the market should move in support.

Remember, markets are an exercise of patience.
Don´t rush into things, play your plan and relax. There’s plenty of fish in the sea.

Focus on the long haul, try to ignore the current market noise.

Next Week:
Next Monday markets are closed on the US.


Earnings whispers

Palantir – This can be a big company in the future, but playing $PLTR earnings is like playing with fire. I would like a dip in the green box.
If so I will start making a position.

PLTR daily

Shopify – $SHOP will probably tare on earnings

Tilray – $TLRY after the pump and dump from last week, I will expect more dump on earnings. Tilray is probably the best weed company out there. I will consider starting a position around $10.

TLRY daily

Barrick Gold and Newmont – $GOLD and $NEM will kick of the miner’s earnings. I expect good earnings because of the recent gold prices, demand for semiconductors, and demand for gold bullion.

$WTI is in a super bull trend. I don´t understand it, I believe it will go $60 or above just because of the market structure.
Inventories are having huge drawdowns for 3 weeks straight.

market gauge crude dashboard

Gold is currently trapped in this range.
This can be very dangerous for Gold if it doesn’t manage to move past the current pink trendline.
Another thing to have in consideration is how the psychological level of $1800 is important on this current market structure.
A failure to hold this level, the next to watch is $1760
Despite holding miners, I won’t buy any gold here due to uncertainty.

Oanda Gold CFD

We are at a crossroads.
If we break this level the road to 4000 is straight ahead, if this level is rejected and sp500 revisits 3800.
I would prefer a revisit of 3800 to load up on a few more shares.
Bear in mind, tax season is coming and this usually causes a market sell-off.

Oanda SP500 CFD
market gauge sp500 dashboard

Endesa / Iberdrola
Both companies had a crappy trading week.
The order books are also thin and they both report earnings on 24/02/2021.

The one presenting the better structure clearly is Endesa.

ELE daily

The Navigator Group
It´s still trading inside the box, only a clear break above the box can trigger a buy signal.

NVG daily

One thing to have in consideration, pulp price have been increasing.


The chart structure is holding strong. A strong bounce here can make $AAPL revisit the ATH, a break can make Apple retest $120. If it dips, I will add more.

AAPL daily

What a rally!
The road ahead seems to be green, I would like further consolidation of this level and a retest of $44k.
This would allow the market to breathe and a buy the dip opportunity across crypto assets.

BTCUSD daily

Other Notes

Bear momentum is forming.

market gauge sentiment dashboard

Insiders keep on selling hard.


Interesting Articles


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Special notes on:
– EUR Flash GDP / ZEW
– USD Empire State Man. Index / Retail Sales / Industrial production / NAHB / Philly Fed Man. Index / Unemployment claims
– JPY Industrial production / Tertiary industry activity / Core machinery orders
– World Flash PMIs

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