14 – 19 March 2021 Trading week preparation

Every week I share a bunch of stuff.
– Daily signals for MA Crosses and MA breakouts
– Market Reports
– Consolidated market data and more.

No post this week, I have been having some issues with my internet provider and have a few things to take care of at home this weekend.

I will update my positions and wish you a great week.
All the reports will be provided as usual.

Current trades:
– $BABA, Still on.
– $AAPL, Still on.
– $EXXY.MI, Still on.
– $RPLA.W, Still on. Great Finance of America earnings. The meeting for this SPAC is set for 25/03/2021
– $CSPX.AS Still on.
– $DIS,Still on.
– $SXLK, Still on.
– $GDXJ.MI, Still on.
– $GOLD (Barrick Gold), Still on.
– $PLTR,Still on.
– $AWK, Still on.
– $PEP, Still on.
– $BNBEUR Still on. Added more
– $AAVEEUR Still on. Added more.
– $PRX (Prosus) Still on.
– $FILEUR Sold at 45.59 ~+52%
– XTZUSD, Still on.
– XLMUSD, Still on.
– SOLUSDT, Still on. Added more
– EURUSD, Started position at 1.18754

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