Knowledge Up Ticks #3

This week I came across a few articles, a podcast and a video worth sharing

1- Bloomberg article about what happens if US bond yields go to zero

2- New article from Guggenheim Partners, very interesting point of view about this “corona virus” market environment and effect

3- A new article from Kevin Muir, as always a very different perspective about the world

4- Special Saxo Market Call, market perspectives and future

5 – Real Vision Market Fault Lines Exposed by Oil Shock | The Big Conversation | Refinitiv. Some perspectives about what´s next for only

Knowledge Up Ticks #2

This week I came across a few articles and podcasts that seem worth sharing.
As almost anything new worth this weeks It´s related to corona virus.

1- Odd lots new episode
What Coronavirus Means For The Chinese Supply Chain

2- This special episode of Industry Focus with Ben Hunt is just amazing. I am an avid reader of Ben´s blog (
Bonus: Ben Hunt on Narrative and Markets

3- Chant with traders new risk management podcast, just pure gold
189: Best of Risk Management, Pt. 2

4- New article from Mark Down
The Anatomy of a Sell Off: The Three Phases

Knowledge Up Ticks #1

My idea about the blog was to share my own content and ideas.
But today, sharing some good content from other traders/creators with a friend a blog reader he suggested I should once in a while share some “good stuff” I found across the internet. So Knowledge Up Ticks was born.

For this first edition, I am going to share a post from Jesse Felder, author of the blog . Jesse points out a very interesting trend with
Hindenburg Omens, for those who don’t know what this is check this link from investopedia (
He points out that even though story doesn’t repeat itself, It does rhyme.


The second share is a podcast. I am a huge fan of podcasts. Free knowledge with minimum effort? sign me up.
This episode ( from Chart with traders is just amazing, one of the hardest things for me as a trader is risk management. This 52 minutes episode is pure gold, being a part one episode, I hope the other parts are just us good.