Shared Content

Hey guys, If you reached here you are keen to see what I have to share.
The content is divided between Dropbox and GitHub.

From time to time I share a few snippets of code that I use on my day to day trading and market analysis. I hope you find them useful. If you have any question don’t hesitate to contact me.

Shared Content
Reports (link)
This is where the juicy stuffs are at. What you can find:
Market Gauge, is a dashboard you can use to have a pulse on the market. You can find data and charts on SP500, Nasdaq, WTI, Gold, FX and more, much more.
Crypto Dashboard, this is a old one. I made this dashboard back when I used to trade crypto daily. You can find a range of studies such us Mayer multiples, linear BTC,ETH and XRP price projections, USD / EUR mean reversion prices and strategies.
CoT Dashboard, CoT data can be really hard to read and understand so I created a dashboard with position charts and Net Positions.
Correlations Dashboard, this report have some simple tables of assets and their correlations. Correlations are a very import part of my trade systems.

Excel Reports (link)
Mean Reversion strategy
5EMA strategy – Same principal as a mean reversion strategy and useful to spot trend.
MA Progression – Mainly to spot used to spot trend or trend changes.
Momentum – Pure momentum strategy dashboard. You can use it for simple swing trades. You can combine the signals provided here with the 5EMA sheet.
If a stock is on a buy momentum you can use a pullback to a 5EMA or a mean reversion to go long.

Documents (link)
Just a bunch of documents I felt like sharing.

Signals (link)
Daily MA crossovers
Daily MA break Ups/Downs
FX, SP500,NASDAQ100,ETFs,etc