Shared Content

Hey guys, If you reached here you are keen to see what I have to share.
The content is divided between Dropbox and GitHub.

From time to time I share a few snippets of code that I use on my day to day trading and market analysis. I hope you find them useful. If you have any question don’t hesitate to contact me.

Reports (link)
This is where the juicy stuffs are at. What you can find:
Market Gauge, is a dashboard you can use to have a pulse on the market. You can find data and charts on SP500, Nasdaq, WTI, Gold, FX and more, much more.
Crypto Dashboard, this is a old one. I made this dashboard back when I used to trade crypto daily. You can find a range of studies such us Mayer multiples, linear BTC,ETH and XRP price projections, USD / EUR mean reversion prices and strategies.
CoT Dashboard, CoT data can be really hard to read and understand so I created a dashboard with position charts and Net Positions.
Correlations Dashboard, this report have some simple tables of assets and their correlations. Correlations are a very import part of my trade systems.

Excel Reports (link)
Mean Reversion strategy
5EMA strategy – Same principal as a mean reversion strategy and useful to spot trend.
MA Progression – Mainly to spot used to spot trend or trend changes.
Momentum – Pure momentum strategy dashboard. You can use it for simple swing trades. You can combine the signals provided here with the 5EMA sheet.
If a stock is on a buy momentum you can use a pullback to a 5EMA or a mean reversion to go long.

Documents (link)
Just a bunch of documents I felt like sharing.

Signals (link)
Daily MA crossovers
Daily MA break Ups/Downs
FX, SP500,NASDAQ100,ETFs,etc